13 Jun 2017

Why Every Leader Must Understand The Nature Of Projects?

Every organization have projects. That is an undeniable statement.  Projects propel the organization through materializing their strategic goals and objectives.  Leaders understand that fact.  Leaders put forward project after project eyeing the success of every endeavor, question is – do they understand the nature of projects?

It is imperative for leaders to understand the nature of projects, how it should be started? how to properly plan it? The proper execution of the plan to closing it.  Many projects are started the wrong way, executed prior to a clear-cut plan, and abandoned when they think the goods has been delivered.  In these endless cycles, company resources are wasted.  Precious time is lost, human efforts go unaccounted, quality compromised.  Over-time, weekend and holiday work are evident in disorganized project execution. Organizational learning and knowledge are also lost, organizational development hampered or worst totally hindered.  All these truths should not go unnoticed, more so ignored.  The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has conducted in-depth studies such as the Pulse of the Profession 2016 that shows the same context I noted above.

Not understanding the nature of projects results to one or more of the following but not limited to:

  • Poorly understood requirements
  • Poor or no planning
  • Uncontrolled changes to the project scope
  • Wrong assignment of resources
  • Poor and untimely acquisition of project resources
  • Poor utilization of project resources
  • Low stakeholder engagement
  • No Risk management
  • Delayed schedule
  • Over spending

These factors definitely impact not just the project but the organization as a whole, leaders should realize the significance of understanding the nature of projects.  Let me end this blog with this simple yet powerful truth.

For organizations to maximize the results of their projects, and steer their organization to the heights of success.  Leaders indeed need to understand the nature of projects.”



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