Customer Testimonials

We focus on encouraging individuals by conducting seminars and training sessions and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome their problems and improve their skills. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

” I love how the presentation has been made even the break is great. Some of the items discussed were initially imparted to us but have pushed me to implement them with my projects handled. But with this, I am excited to implement and use it at the site and impart it to my colleagues. The coverage and level of detail at the training are well defined. The training area is conducive. Overflowing food and snacks! KUDOS to SMESOFT.
Discussions are lively and very informative throughout the course. The trainer is very professional and well-versed in the course. More power to you and the whole SMESOFT Admin.”

Oct 2023

Jan Michael Vincent M. Galano
“The (PMP)®certification was something I was planning to pursue 2 years ago when I found out a colleague had been certified with the same. I figured this would be a great fit for me since I have been working in the project environment for quite some time. Also, after doing some research, I found out how it could potentially improve my career in the long haul, so I started to find out my next steps. This colleague which I previously mentioned recommended SMESoft Inc. “

“Fast forward to today, after almost more than 4 months of study and practice, I have finally passed the rigorous exam and have obtained my (PMP)®certification on my first try. I would like to thank SMESoft Inc. for encouraging me to take the big step to finally becoming a PMP. The education provided to me from Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) up to the PMP exam Review (PMPER) has significantly changed the way I practice project management. The instructor has made every topic clear and easy to understand.”

“I would indeed recommend SMESoft training to my friends and coworkers who look forward to advancing their careers. Thank you SMESoft!”

PMP Certification  Exam Passer

Robi Andres
“Hi Ma’am,inform ko lang po kayo na pumasa po ako ng PMP exam last Saturday. Nagpapasalamat lang po ako sa inyo at sa SMESoft Inc. for the guidance.”

PMP Certification Exam Passer

“It’s nice to see the logic of PM during the discussion. It is comforting for career shifters like me to know that knowledge, practices, and methods are transferrable on daily tasks and jobs.”

May 2023

“It was very educative training, I learned a lot, especially in the Project Management Process.
A vibrant training and a good educator/professor. I encourage aspiring managers to enroll in this training.”

March 2023

“Great course, what I acquired from the training was more than what I expected (masarap pagkain ). Engaged, thorough, funny, brilliant, Innovative.”

2022 PMF

” Healthy overload info.”

Aug 2022

Trixia Baco
“Presented lightly and easy to grasp. The discussion on project management was presented lightly and makes the audience know the essentials and practicality of the subject. “
Roxanne M. Tan
“The topic discussed is very well explained and really makes sense. The discussion helps motivate and inspire the career path of a person.”
Rodenna Botabara
“I would highly recommend Sir Cezar of SMESoft to anyone who is interested in PMF training. He is an amazing instructor. He delivers the material clearly and easy to understand.”
Rhyan Jiro Liggayu
“The discussion is very well presented. Good communication skills, elaborate stuffs, motivates students a lot, overall a nice experience.”
Rem Paguio
“The training is very helpful and enlightening for people like me who wants to know more about project management. Clear, concise, and worth the time. Concepts overview are presented in a manner which everyone can understand.”
“Training is not boring, it’s very interactive, everyone is able to share their thought on the subject matter. Speaker was very knowledgeable with the presentation. Speakers are very informative/concise. They really know the topic they are discussing.”
Gellene H. Garcia

“Presentations were great and the instructor is very knowledgeable.”

Maelaine M. Dioso
“Topic discussed were very relevant to me as a project officer in my organization. I can relate to some of the topics presented.”
Leng Pastor
“Even though we spent a couple of hours, it was worth it. The training like this makes us more excited to plan and strategize clearly for our own futures.
Joan May R. Buison
“I’d like to thank SMESoft Inc. for being an instrument for me to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP)®certification exam with 3 ATs on my first try. I started doing PM work a little over 3 years ago and didn’t have any formal training until I attended the Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) with SMESoft last Dec 2021. When I took that training, it made me realize that my projects would have had better outcomes if I had known about the PM disciplines earlier. I have attended other PM fundamentals trainings but personally, the training I had from SMESoft gave the best training quality. I took the PMP Exam Review (PMPER) class in Q4 of 2022. I attended the first two sessions virtually and was able to join the classroom training in the 3rd session. It was a great experience. The instructor, materials, staff, and tips were all very helpful as I prepared for my exam.”

“I will definitely recommend SMESoft training to my colleagues and friends who wish to advance their careers and potential. Thank you SMESoft!”

PMP Certification Exam Passer


“The whole session was very informative, lively and engaging. The facilitator /instructor was able to impart all knowledge areas with realization.
I find this very engaging and gives me a new opportunity to continue my journey in Project and Delivery management.”

 Aug 2023 Review Class

“The review was fun, and enjoyable although difficult in the sense that I really need to understand the agile process. But it is very informative and helpful in preparing for the exam.
It was fun and well informative. I have learned all the things I needed to pass the exam; it gives me confidence by just following the tips provided by SME’s. I will definitely pass the exam. Thank you!”

June 2023 Review Class

“A very valuable training! The course helped me understand my learning gaps, build my confidence, and better prepare me for the exam.
The trainer is an expert in his field and shares more the 17 years of wisdom and experience as a PMP. Great presentation style and offers real-life examples – A MUST FOR PMP ASPIRANTS!

Dec 2022 Review Class

“The 3-day PMP Exam review was well crafted, and will hopefully equip us with the right amount of knowledge & and preparation for the PMP Exam certification. The trainer clearly explained the theories based on PMI’s standards and as well as his experiences to give us a better understanding of the topics discussed.
The discussion was interactive despite attending online for the first 2 sessions. The materials and topics were very helpful and accurate.”

Dec 2022 Review Class

“The trainer is well-versed in his craft – the way he correlates and his actual experiences made me understand the concept of Project Management clearly.
At first, I thought this was going to be one of those boring seminars we were forced to take, I am glad that I was proven wrong because I really learned a lot from this training and it made me realize a clear career path for myself. I somehow found my purpose because of this training.”

Dec 2022 PMF

“The speaker was very energetic and engaging all through the session. He handled the session really well. He was able to clarify and explain things in order for us to understand the discussion.
This training is very relevant and I feel that it has given me a good foundation in basic project management.”

Aug 2022

Krisia Cruz
“Training was useful, direct to the point and complete. Exercises were practical.”
John Joseph Reyes
“Overall, excellent. The speaker shows good camaraderie with the audience and is very knowledgeable in the topic.”
John Daniel Martin
“Way of teaching is fun and very informative. I like how technical the points were.”
Jeremias E. Hidalgo
“I like the idea that you are pushing IT Professional to be certified and give the training almost free. I find the presentation very informational. Keep up the fun part.”
Jeanie Giang
“The PMF training is an excellent course not only for PMs but for everyone. Sir Cezar is a great trainer and his material presentation was excellent. I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues. I am looking forward to attend some of their other training offers.”
Gent Dacina
“Very good, very understanding and, a very accommodating instructor. The topic is discussed by a real project manager and the lesson is taught on a “EXPERIENCE” basis where everyone would be able to relate on the corporate situation.”
Fura Parayno
“I have no background in project management before, but now I learned something new and informative from the presentation.”
Maricris Lim
“Good presentation. A lot of concepts have been tackled/discussed in less than a couple of hours. I find the session interesting and motivating to jump-start an individual’s career.”
Laarni Ona
“Project management is important and I think the discussion is really essential. Plus the trainer(Mr. Cesar) is really good. I really find the discussion knowledgeable. There is really a reason to pursue on project management training. I think there are still a lot to be learned on the training.”
Karen Capuhiro
“Everything in the slope of training has been discussed. It is helpful and applicable not just in Project Management but also at work.”
Cheska Calayag
“It was a very interesting and organized training, full of information in just a couple of hours. Helpful to new PMs.”