We help your project and business force become more effective by providing a continuous learning environment.

SMESoft is a project and business management training company that offers project and business effectiveness consulting and assessments. Our approach is highly collaborative, with a focus on enabling the right management activity and effective customer dialogues. We help you improve results in projects. We do this in three ways to create a continuous learning and performance development loop:

  • We diagnose and assess the talent and structure of your project and business force
  • We create customized solutions that leverages our building block project management training curriculum
  • We reinforce learning to drive behavior change through coaching and digital learning sustainment tools

Project Management Consulting

Projects are critical to every organization’s success, organizational objectives are reached by delivering successful projects one after the other. Need help in delivering your projects successfully? Contact us.

Organizational Project Management

Projects happen not just on a specific portion of the organization, most projects impact goes across the organization. Every part (or department) of an organization contributes and plays an important part to successful project implementations. Let us build your Organizational Project Management capability. Keep in touch with us.

Project Management Office

Establishing a separate unit to look after your projects across the organization and facilitate the optimal use of organizational resources across projects may spell the difference between success and failure of your projects. Let us establish yours now! Contact us.

Process Development

Making a repeatable process in managing your projects can make your projects outcome predictable. We can customize the end-to-end project management delivery process for your organization including the roles and templates needed to uplift your project management approach. Keep in touch with us.