ISO 9001 Training

This is the list of our training program courses available in ISO 9001 for you to establish your company with a excellent quality management system (QMS):

  • Preparing Employees for ISO 9001 Certification or Audit
  • Transitioning to ISO 9001: 2015 Standard

Other Training Courses:

This is the list of our training program courses available for kids and teens for them to discover and develop professional skills at their early years:

  • Kids and Teens Leadership and Teamwork Seminar and Workshop
  • How to Handle Peer Pressure in School
  • Leadership and Teamwork for Kids (ages 3-6)
  • Leadership and Teamwork for Kids (ages 7-12)
  • Leadership and Teamwork for Teens (ages 13-19)
  • Project Planning for Teens
  • Negotiation Skills for Teens

SMESoft’s Training Programs provides the process, skills, and tools to negotiate win-win deals, strengthen long-term relationships, and avoid leaving money on the table. Participants of this kinds of training learn a management framework for structuring the dialogue from preparation through the close and increase skill at strategically seeing the improvements through the eyes of the client as they learn to probe more deeply to understand what is driving the client’s priorities and personal agenda. Once these needs are uncovered and understood, participants will able to create a win-win outcome by establishing their worth while avoiding concessions.