24 Jun 2017

Set Yourself Apart From The Rest. Be Certified.

Competition in the workplace is fierce, long hours of work is sometimes taken as a measure for going up to the next level.  Being active on company events may also spell out something for that.  But wait, shouldn’t it be on expertise? And what could best signify your expertise and make it shine in front of your bosses than a PMP Certification? The certification not just shouts your adherence to the Global Practices in project Management, like a master’s degree it shows your eagerness to continuously learn, that’s one of the great qualities of a leader.  Going the extra mile to get things done, being focused on a goal set and accomplishing it.  It is not just an exam, it says more than what meets the eye.

PMP Certification sets you apart, securing this certification tells every employer that you do not just understand the Project Management basics but you adhere to it. This certification tells them that you are worth their trust.  Their million dollar projects, to whom do you think they would entrust it to? In a plain playing field, such will be given to certified Project Managers over those who are not.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that non-certified resources are not good, they are, in fact they may deliver the same way as everybody else would.  Yet having this Certification, points the first try hand to you.

In the end, Project Management Professional Certification does not just guarantee your understanding of the PMI Framework, nor the Fundamentals of Project Management.  It also sets you apart as an individual who values the Code of Professional Conduct. It is not just an agreement sent forth by PMI when you pass the exam, it is part of the exam – a number of questions pertains to the Code of Professional conduct that is embedded in your understanding when practicing Project Management.

There are a lot more ways that PMP Certification will set you apart from the rest.  Be a star shining on top of the many stars. Be like the north star.



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