25 Aug 2017

Are You Delaying Your Success? Seize The Day!

Procrastination is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something.

While many professionals are concerned about their career growth, professional development, or promotion; many seem to procrastinate.  A great number of inquiries has been forwarded to us asking about our trainings and requirements to passing the exam and being PMP certified.  A great number as well on our follow-up list remains on the same position as the time they first inquired. In my experience, students way back 5 years ago still suddenly pops an email asking about the exam.

What are the reasons that individuals look at in delaying their success?

  • Too many things at hand – will it ever slow down at work? C’mon, you know for a fact you will never run out of work.
  • Too expensive – consider it as an investment. An investment that will surely reap rewards for you.  How much is your latest gadget anyway? How much is that travel you are planning for? Investing in your own career is the wisest investment that you are to make.  While some organizations offer training opportunities for their resources, it is not always their priority.  Waiting for them may sometimes hurt or delay your progress.  Personally, I took that bold step on paying my own trainings and other expenses until I completed my certifications.  It paid me well.
  • Not a priority – what is your priority? Family? That is definitely taken. Health? Sure it should be. Education? Food trips? Luxury? Travel? Whatever it may be, realize that you will get more of these when you secure a better paying job or position that your Certification can bring to you. Better position, higher salary equates to providing more for your family, health, travel and leisure, and even a business – which almost everybody dreams of having one.
  • I am not ready yet – you will never be ready unless you focus on preparing.

We can hear many other variants of these reasons but at the end of the day, these reasons will always be there to impede or even stop you from progressing unless you face it and win over it.  Your success depends on you, make things happen.  STOP PROCRASTINATING and seize the day for your career.


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