25 Aug 2017

5 Proven Strategies To Pass The PMP Certification Exam


It has been said and proven how PMP Certification Exam enhances not just your resume but your career. I wrote a number of blogs explaining various items about the certification and the exam.  Now, more than test taking skills, here are some strategies that will guarantee a higher chance of passing one of the most coveted certification exams of our time.

  1. Make sure you understand the fundamentals. “Things are easy, when you know what you are doing.” This is a premise that I always tell my students.  To be good at something you first have to understand the basics.  Understanding the basics based on the authority of a given subject matter, in this case – the Project Management Institute. Be sure that you have structured learning of the PMI concepts, the framework, the latest edition of the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). Missing this basic item may mean a lot in the course of your preparation for the exam.  To be sure that your learning is aligned with PMI context, validate the provider’s reputation against the Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) list of the PMI.
  2. Take a review course. You can self-study, that is taken. But taking a structured learning which is a product of years and decades of research regarding the PMP Certification exam cannot be discounted. Taking a review course ups the ante of you passing the exam.  It will guide you and provide a very strategic and well planned approach to studying for the exam.  Not to mention the tips and tricks based on the experts understanding on taking and passing the certification exam.
  3. Think the PMI way. It is a PMI exam, to cut the chase you have to think like PMI for you to pass the exam.
  4. Understand not memorize. A lot of people tend to try and memorize things for the exam, this cannot be the case for the PMP Certification Exam.  Questions are pulled from thousands of questions in the database kept by PMI.  The moment that you click start on your online exam, that is the time questions are pulled for your set of exam questions.  Understanding the concepts behind the exam will provide you far better chance to passing the exam than memorizing a considerable load of information.
  5. Realize that you will never be ready. Many exam takers are taken by anxiety, pressure, exam jitters, and the like. It doesn’t mean that they did not prepare.  The exam is the culmination of a long series of efforts, time and may be financial investments. It is typical to be nervous about it.  Some people wait until they become comfortable for the exam, realize that it will never happen.  Proper preparation by doing necessary steps to taking the exam will provide you enough to take on and conquer the exam.

To date, there are more than 750,000 PMP Certified individuals globally as per PMI statistics of 2017.  This number is not enough to cater for the world’s requirement for certified Project Managers.  Job sites are filled with Project Management positions requiring and/or taking the PMP Credential as an advantage.


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