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Management Training

We have various training courses that will suffice your needs to boost and level up your career. These training courses can also be conducted in-house and customized based on every organizational needs.


Project Management

Need help in delivering your projects successfully? We got you on that! Contact us.

I.T. Services

I.T. Program Development

We have continuous learning partnerships based on over 10 years of experience with some of the world’s largest organizations. Three pillars of our continuous learning model include: Software, Web, and Mobile Development, Infrastructure Design and Systems Integration.

Training Programs

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Project Management Training

Upgrade your human resources capabilities and skills, prepare them for certification, or simply have the organization on the same page on the latest Project Management and best practices.

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Technical Training

Technical knowledge delivers even the most complex and high-tech components of your projects, make sure your resources have the technical know-how they need.

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Business Skills Training

Business interfacing people will be more effective having various business skills and knowledge, have them bring in more business on the table. Let’s develop them.

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Organizational Development

Our training’s objective is to train your skills to help you improve your organization’s capacity to handle its internal and external functioning and relationships.


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    ISO 9001 and Other Courses

    What do you want to learn? SMESoft is sure to have other things to offer.

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    Why choose SMESoft?

    The only authorized product distributor and training provider granted by RMC, USA in the Philippines.

    Since 2008, over a thousand people have been certified on the skills of SMESoft. These skills are proven to produce the greatest gains in project management performance. SMESoft has been recognized by industry leaders and many business and management publications.